The latest Innovative Solutions from ECCO in time for Autumn-Winter


The latest Innovative Solutions from ECCO in time for Autumn-Winter

Work Lamps

“As we approach Autumn and Winter the hours of daylight shorten and work lamps, vital for safe night working, now become essential to lengthen the working day. ECCO already offer a comprehensive range of long-life LED Work lamps for light, medium and heavy-duty applications. In time for the shorter Autumn days are the new EW2440 Series and EW2110 Series, both are endorsed with a 5-year warranty. The EW2440 Series work lamp offers the choice of spot or flood optics and provides 800 raw lumens of light output, offering the very brightest white light with an extremely low current draw of just 0.76 amps. These compact work lamps are encased in an aluminium heatsink housing with a polycarbonate lens and offer over 80,000 hours of maintenance free lifetime. The EW2110 Series, is available in a variety of shapes with a wide voltage range of 12-80V, making it suitable for all your vehicle work lamp lighting needs. These compact work lamps offer flood beams of up to 1000 raw lumens, giving effective and safe coverage in the vehicle work area. These work lamps have an easy one bolt mounting option across all shapes and are available with an integrated Deutsch connector as standard. The EW2110 series features an aluminium heatsink housing, polycarbonate lens and zinc plated steel mounting bracket making it durable and long lasting.”

Manual Handling Safety

The EW2030 Series Arc Light generates a pedestrian boundary line designed for material handling applications to provide a visual warning on mobile equipment. This LED device provides 180° of coverage by projecting a red or blue boundary arc around the vehicle. This additional safety feature is especially useful when operating in confined spaces and near blind corners (e.g. warehouse racking). Featuring 12-80 VDC operation, a stainless-steel mounting bracket and polycarbonate lens, the EW2030 Series is extremely resistant to impacts and vibration. The EW2030 works well with other boundary line products also available in the ECCO range.

Reverse Light

The EW2701 Series Reverse Light offers over 50,000 hours of maintenance-free life expectancy coupled with low amp draw. High-intensity light output and ECE approval makes this LED reverse light the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. The EW2701 Series Reverse Light can be installed at either 35 and 48 degree angles using the surface mount hardware included. Additional features include 12-24 VDC operation, anti-rust / anti-corrosion housing, IP67 waterproof breather and a 5-year warranty.reverselight

Warning Lighting

“As the days grow darker, warning lighting has an increasingly important part to play in protecting people. ECCO is known for its extensive range of directional LEDs, featuring multiple flash patterns, and various mounting options providing superior warning capability. Many come in single, split, and dual-colour options doubling the warning with half the hassle.
New for this year is the ED3700 versatile surface mount directional range, which features high-intensity LEDs providing exceptional warning synchronisation capability and R65 Class I & II operation. It’s zero maintenance, compact design means it can be mounted in confined locations. Available in single, or dual-colour variants and double stack options. A range of accessory brackets are also available to further maximize mounting options. This great value directional range also comes with a 5-year warranty. ECCO lightbars are trusted by professionals across the globe, and for good reason. With durability and design that are unmatched in the field, lightbars from ECCO feature a multitude of functions in one single product, making them top of the list for operators. This Autumn, by popular demand we have also expanded the range of our 12+ Series R65 LED Lightbar. Designed and manufactured in the UK these lightbars are backed by an impressive 5-year warranty. The 12+ series LED lightbars are versatile and powerful warning devices suitable for a wide range of vehicle types and duties. The 12+ series LED lightbars supports three kinds of LED modules including: single and dual colour warning, stop-tail-indicator, and alley/worklamps. The 12+ Lightbar is now available in nine length options, including a new 2133mm length. This sleek low-profile lightbar features a durable aluminium chassis, polycarbonate base and lens. 1070mm (42”) – 2133mm (84”) lengths are now available with the option of LED centre illumination with opal lens section, which allow for customised signage to personalise and distinguish your lightbar. A choice of clear & amber lenses increases the customisation options even further. Custom configurations are also available on request.

Camera Solutions

“In addition to its known and trusted safety lighting ranges ECCO also offers camera solutions. ECCO camera systems are like having another pair of eyes on the job, camera systems from ECCO protect people, equipment and reputations. The newly launched compact EC7010-WK magnetic wireless camera system utilises ECCO’s unique camera design with a heavy-duty magnetic mounting, making it perfect for a variety of applications. The camera system includes a feature packed CMOS colour infrared camera, with a viewing angle of 120° and a sight range of 120 meters. The EC7010-WK GemineyeTM wireless camera system is expandable for up to 4 cameras. The colour monitor offers multiple options including single, split, and quad screen views. The high-resolution LCD touch screen colour monitor also has integrated recording capability via a Mini SD card.
EC7010-WK GemineyeTM wireless 12-24-volt camera system offers 10 hours of continuous use from 1 charge, with a charging time of 6 hours.” EC7010-WK 1500p