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ECCO’s Best Selling Lightbar just got better!

ECCO launches the redesigned 12+ Series Vantage™ LED Lightbar

ECCO’s Best Selling Lightbar just got better!

ECCO, the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle warning equipment, launches the redesigned 12+ Series Vantage™ LED Lightbar. The lightbar is unique, reliable and affordable and has been engineered to offer excellent value in terms of performance, durability, style and cost. The already very popular first generation of 12 Series lightbar’s electronics have been redesigned to give exceptional EMC performance and increased functionality. The new 12+ Series lightbar far exceeds the minimum EMC performance expected in R10 where more complex electronics are being added to vehicles and is therefore far less susceptible to interfere with any of the systems. The functionality also has been increased from the previous version to give extra flexibility and bespoke customer configurations.

The second generation of ECCO Vantage™ bar has been long awaited by the customers. Our customers have been testing them and the engineers at ECCO have designed the lightbar taking their feedback into consideration.

Increased features and flexibility are offered in the new 12+ Series such as dual colour modules, ICE optics, integrated safety director and an advanced controller. At present ECCO has to offer 4 length options: 1212mm, 1372mm, 1524mm, and 1828mm with other lengths being launched in Q1 2018.

The 12+Series Vantage™ lightbar features five standard colour options (amber, blue, clear, green, red) and six dual colour options (amber/blue, amber/white, amber/red, blue/white, red/white, red/blue). Richard Nadin, the Engineering Director at ECCO highlights: “We are extremely proud of the 2nd generation of the Vantage™ lightbar as we have redesigned it with the customer in mind and made it customisable to suit any specific market need. The mandatory regulations for EMC are UN ECE R10 for Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility for both emission and immunity. The new 12+ Series goes far beyond the minimum EMC performance expected in R10. We are very proud of this achievement which is unique in this market.”

The 12+series bars are suitable for any application where width of vehicle warning is required. The 12+ Series offers functionality, flexibility and affordability in one.

“ECCO is committed to delivering the best innovative products with superior quality into the market and our new 12+ Series lightbar absolutely underlines this commitment. This lightbar includes additional features which are designed to meet the ever increasing demands from our customers. Look out for our new products that will be launching in 2018.” - added Enrico Vassallo, Managing Director at ECCO Safety Group EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa).

The lightbar’s main features are shown in the video: . A detailed leaflet is also available upon request.

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