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ECCO Launches ED5050 Series - R65 Directional LED

ECCO Launches ED5050 Series -  R65 Directional LED

The ED5050 directional LED offers a bright and versatile warning light suitable for fitment to cars, vans, trucks and any vehicle with limited forward facing flat surfaces. Their shallow profile makes them ideal for installation in vehicle front grilles with minimal modification to the vehicle and are easy to fit.

This range features wide angle optics, single and dual colour options which are colourless when not illuminated, multiple flash patterns as well as synchronisation with other units for simultaneous or alternating operation. The single colour models feature 9 LEDs and 10 flash patterns, whilst the dual colour models have 18 LEDs and 12 flash patterns. These directional LEDS have a 10-30VDC operating voltage, are R10 and R65 approved and backed by a 5-year ECCO warranty.

For more information on ECCOs NEW R65 Directional LED, please visit the ED5050 Page or contact our Customer Service team at 0113 237 5340.

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